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Harnessing the power of AI and Machine learning we have created a simple and easy to use solution to convert text into audio. SpeechEasy™ lets you generate studio grade synthetic voices that make listening easy to understand and consume for on the go, at home or office as well as adding to your e-Learning content.


Create and listen to your audio voice files on desktop and mobile

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What’s Inside

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Completely new use cases

We are hard at work developing to support new use cases for your audio voice needs/

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Voice over to marketing

Clean audio for anyone presenting their videos to stakeholders, or on a tight timeline.

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Voice over for learning

Improve your learners experiences by delivering consistent high quality audio with your visuals or virtual podcast.

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Voice over to publishing

Audio books and articles.

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Listen on-the-go

Works across devices for mobile and web, making it easier to take your converted files with you.
*network connection required

High-def Voices

Choose from nearly a dozen High-quality synthetic voices.
*adding more regularly

Ease of use

Simple and intuitive interface. No added fluff or features that get in the way.

Privacy + Security

We take a privacy first approach with our products and services. Keeping the minimal amount of your personal info secure is a top priority.

Simple pricing

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